Warehousing and Distribution

Removing the headache from logistics.

If the logistics of doing business has become a costly headache for your business, then Outsourced Warehousing, otherwise known as Managed Warehousing, or Contract Warehousing, will achieve a better supply chain solution for you.

If you have outgrown your current warehouse, or that warehouse is currently your garage, shed or factory, an outsourced managed warehouse will save you time and money, giving you much greater efficiency and leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business

Your managed warehousing needs to be flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective.

PSG offers warehousing and distribution solutions

Variable or fixed price solution

Less Costs
Smooth Production
Improved Distribution
Accurate Records
Satisfied Customers

We work with you to develop the best, cost effective warehousing and supply chain solution for your needs.

All our warehousing operations are linked to a global system which allows our customers to manage the stock that you hold in any of our warehouses worldwide. Our technology allows you to control your inventory and service needs in real time.

Our warehousing and logistics operation leads the industry in electronic data interface (EDI) capabilities.

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