Custom Closures

A metal closure is simply a component of your packaging, until you decorate it. Then it becomes a marketing tool.A metal closure is simply a component of your packaging, until you decorate it  -  then it becomes a marketing tool.


Our lithography facilities prepare the steel (tin free, tin plate or other specialty metal like textured metal) or aluminum material, which will be converted into various types of closures.

The process of preparing the metal for further use consists on coating and printing. Coatings are applied with coaters, prints are applied through an off-set printing process using printing plates. Various coatings are used to prepare the metal. The end use or the application of a closure dictates the type of coating required. Coatings provides protection against rust and scuffs and also offers beautiful outer finishes, such as a matte or gloss.

Tecnocap also decorates materials for manufacturers of cans, boxes, tins, pails, and other specialty metal products.

Anodizing vs. Coating

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal (typically aluminum or titanium) surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Tecnocap manufactures aluminum closures with the most widely used aluminum alloy #3003 aluminum. This aluminum alloy is highly corrosion resistant and possesses many other characteristics needed to fabricate closures.

Tinplate CT
Aluminium CT


From a single color to a multi-color photographic image, custom closures can be an integral part of a package, which separates a product from its less attractive competition. All colors and prints are applied in Tecnocap lithography facilities, never subcontracted.

Tinplate CT
Aluminium CT


The emboss offers to our customers more possibilities to enhance the aesthetics of closures. All sizes of tin-plate CT's Aluminium CT's and Unishells can be embossed.



Candle Plug is a closure that begins with Unishell®. A plastic insert is added, making a closure specifically for non-threaded glass.

Tinplate CT


Perforation is a functional and aestetic way to augment closures. The perforations allow the scents and flavors of candles and potpourri to fill a room.

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