The Vision Program

Affordable Solutions to Bring Your Vision to Life

Superior Market Presence

Establishing a distinct and complete branding package is essential to success in today's marketplace. We'll provide you with everything your brand needs to separate your product from the crowd .

The Packaging Support Group Mould Licensing Program offers up and coming businesses the opportunity to affordably create an  exclusive bottle design for their brand, and protected by copyright.

A Unique Opportunity

While typically custom glass moulds and custom design work would be financially prohibitive to small businesses, Packaging Support Group's Mould Licensing Program empowers your business by making these services accessible and affordable.

We know how important packaging is to the success of a product, and we're here to help your product thrive in the marketplace with creative and innovative solutions to your needs.

Unparalleled  Support

In working with Packaging Support Group, our packaging expertise is not the only service made available to your firm. In addition to Packaging Support Group, you'll  also be supported by Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, the manufacturer of your custom designed containers. You'll have the opportunity to meet the professionals that design and  produce your product.

Our Program's Features

  • Affordable access to custom glass moulds
  • Custom bottle design with copyright protection
  • Bottle engineering support
  • Competitive bottle cost
  • Customized bottle decoration
  • Optional engineering and design for packaging
  • Warehousing and efficient delivery of inventory
  • Direct access to the glass manufacturer

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